Multi-player Tetris at its best!

Teamtris is one of the best and most fun multi-player Tetris games that you've probably never heard of.

It has never seen its way outside a few dorm rooms and a handful of boardrooms...until now. Twenty years later, it has finally been made free for all you retro gamers and Tetris addicts.

Download the game now, or read the story and learn how Teamtris came to be.

So what is it exactly?

Funky Teamtris piece
One of the many funky Teamtris pieces.

Teamtris is a Tetris game that allows up to 4 players to work as a team on a single board. As you and your team complete levels, the pieces do not fall faster - instead, more intricate (and sometimes hilarious) pieces are added to the game play. Add in bombs, a compelling retro soundtrack, silly sound effects, and classic 8-bit graphics and you're in for hours of retro-team-Tetris'ing fun.

How do I play?

Teamtris is an MS-DOS game. Yes, it's 2011 and you read that correctly! However, it can still be enjoyed today on a variety of operating systems (including Windows, Mac and Linux) via DOS emulation software such as DOSBox.

Both Teamtris and DOSBox are completely free, though you will need to download DOSBox as it is not included in the Teamtris download. You can get DOSBox here.


Check out Teamtris in action:

  • Teamtris screenshot 1
  • Teamtris screenshot 2
  • Teamtris screenshot 3
  • Teamtris screenshot 4
  • Teamtris screenshot 5

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