Daily Archives: November 22, 2013

University of Waterloo Engineering Team Alumni Award

Last night I attended the University of Waterloo Engineering Awards dinner, and was awarded (along with my colleagues Tony Jedlovsky and Steve Brenneman) the Team Alumni Achievement Award.

It is a real honor to be the recipient of this award, and the three of us are humbled that they would choose us. The ride has certainly been interesting – from starting our own business together as Jedor in 1998, being acquired by Sonic Foundry in 2000, and then later by Sony in 2003.

We could have never imagined in 1998 that one day we’d be part of the Sony family. Sony has provided us the opportunity and resources to grow our office in Waterloo, and we are extremely grateful for the support from all of our colleagues at Sony that could make this happen.

And although the award was presented to us, the success of our office has always been due to the amazing people we have found to work with us. Many come from the University of Waterloo as co-op students or recent graduates, and we can definitely attribute our awesome work environment to our employees.

Without Sony, the University of Waterloo, and our colleagues who now work at the Waterloo office, we definitely wouldn’t be where we are today. Many thanks to you all!

See the official news release from UW here: