Looking Back: My Retro Computer Music

- Are you a fan of retro computer-based music?
- Are you a collector of MODs, S3Ms, ROLs or MIDI files?
- Do you like video game and demo music from the DOS era?

If so, then head on over to my new retro music page. You can download some of my compositions from the early 1990′s, including MODs and S3Ms, ROL files from the Teamtris video game, and MIDI files such as the Windows 95 Easter Egg theme song (Clouds.mid) and the music from Microsoft game Immortal Klowns (found on the first DirectX SDK).

All are free, and MP3 versions are available as well.

Feel free to leave comments below if you like what you hear or have an interesting retro music story.

3 thoughts on “Looking Back: My Retro Computer Music

  1. Nate B

    Thank you for making these available!

    I just went on a trip down MOD memory lane, and there was a song title I had in my head that I couldn’t find on Modarchive or Textfiles.com, so finally I just searched the whole internet for “when a soul is worried”, and ended up on your site.

    What a blast from the past. I always did wonder if there was a real-life event of concern that inspired this particular piece, or if it was pure creativity. The melancholy mood is vivid regardless.

    It’s listenable and evocative even twentysome years later, and I’m so glad to have found it again. Would you consider putting your work into Modarchive so that others may find it more easily?

  2. Brian Post author

    Thanks! It definitely was inspired by a real life event. I’d love to add it to the mod archive – good suggestion! How did you originally find the MOD file (20 years ago)? I remember uploading it to a few BBSs (pre-Internet days!), but never heard how far it may have traveled. Thanks again!

  3. Nate B

    I’m in metro Detroit so it made it here somehow. I don’t actually have a lot of memories of downloading mods from BBSs or anywhere else, so I’m not sure where the bulk of my collection came from. Possibly passing around Zip disks with other kids at school, we did a lot of that, and the data rate was faster than modems!

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