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Teamtris: A 4-player DOS Tetris Game

Teamtris is one of the best and most fun multi-player Tetris games that you’ve probably never heard of.

This year (2011) marks the 20th anniversary of when Teamtris was finished. Twenty years later, it has finally been made free for all you retro gamers and Tetris addicts!

Yes, it’s a DOS game, but you can enjoy it on all modern operating systems (Windows, Mac, and Linux) with DOSBox.

The game was coded by Tony Jedlovsky and myself, and you can read all about how the game was developed here. I also composed the music for the game: 28 pieces of original music written for the Adlib sound card. If you like retro game music, you can download the whole soundtrack for free on the Teamtris music page.

Don’t forget to visit the Teamtris website here:

Feel free to leave comments about Teamtris below. Happy Tetris’ing!