My new 80-year old friend

This weekend I purchased a piano to replace my Yamaha upright. My new piano: a Steinway grand piano, model “L” (5’ 10 ½” long). It was built in New York in 1929 at the peak of the Golden Era of piano manufacturing. It plays amazing, with a refurbished action, and new Steinway hammers, shanks and flanges. The finish is original and in great condition for its age, and the key tops are ivory.

Some pictures below.
Steinway Grand, 1929 Model "L"

Steinway Grand, 1929 Model "L" (back) Steinway Grand, 1929 Model "L" (inside)

With that said, my Yamaha upright will be up for sale soon if you know anyone that’s interested.

4 thoughts on “My new 80-year old friend

  1. Megan Brenneman

    Congratulations Brian! What an amazing instrument! Can’t wait for a demo!

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